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Since 2009 — before the phrase Internet of Things (IoT) was coined — C3 IoT (formerly C3 Energy) developed and delivered enterprise IoT software solutions for one of the largest IoT domains: the energy sector. With hundreds of millions of smart meters and sensors deployed across the smart grid, the energy industry generates massive amounts of real-time data—data that are valuable only when yielding meaningful, actionable business insights. The company’s big data, predictive analytics, and machine learning software solutions deliver unprecedented business outcomes for the global energy industry.

As C3 IoT, the company is meeting an urgent and fast-growing demand for enterprise IoT applications that enable organizations in data-intensive industries to use real-time performance monitoring and predictive analytics to optimize business processes, differentiate products and services, and create new revenue streams. C3 IoT offers a comprehensive technology stack for the rapid design, development, deployment, and operation of next-generation IoT applications that unlock data-driven insights and transform business processes. The C3 IoT Platform is the result of a seven-year development effort from a seasoned management team and industry-leading data scientists and software developers.

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Vision, Leadership, and Ability to Execute

Executive Team

Led by veterans in enterprise software, engineering, data science, and machine learning, C3 IoT’s leadership team has a four-decade history of innovation in IT software and applying technology to reshape business processes, supply chains, customer care and marketing, and more.

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Board of Directors

Our esteemed Board of Directors is composed of technologists, policy makers, financial experts, and business executives who operate at the highest global levels of industry, government, and academia.

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“Our technology solutions empower step-function improvements in our customers’ business performance.” Tom Siebel
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