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C3 IoT enables companies to capitalize on the promise of IoT to gain a competitive advantage. View featured customer successes with notable ROI, and see what leading experts across industries are saying about C3 IoT in the testimonials section below.

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Enabling ENGIE IoT

"The objective of ENGIE Digital is to create a platform that allows all our entities to create software using the same code, so to make them compatible…an environment in which Business entities will continue to develop software by themselves, but with a bigger capacity to extend the power of those software once they are designed, and eventually connect them together. For this we have signed partnerships with leaders in their sectors, such as C3 IoT.” —Isabelle Kocher, CEO, ENGIE

Predicting, Diagnosing and Reducing the Economic Impact of Equipment Failures

A large European integrated electric utility deployed C3 Predictive Maintenance™ to accurately diagnose, predict, and reduce the operational impacts of generating equipment failure in conventional power plants.

C3 IoT Trial: Predictive Maintenance for Building Equipment

A global building equipment manufacturer completed a trial of C3 Predictive Maintenance in just 1 week, demonstrating the ability to rapidly develop big data analytic predictive applications on the C3 IoT Platform.

Redefining the Customer Experience and Catapulting Engagement

New England’s largest utility serving more than 3.6 million customers across three states, Eversource has focused on customer engagement to achieve its energy efficiency goals. Through C3 IoT’s comprehensive platform for engagement, information, and efficiency efforts, Eversource is able to access, explore, and report on all customer data and its end customers access C3 IoT-managed web portals to gain highly targeted insights regarding their energy use.

C3 IoT Trial: Vehicle Fleet Analytics

A global corporation in the transportation and logistics industry completed a trial of C3 Vehicle Fleet Analytics in less than one week, demonstrating the ability to rapidly develop big data predictive analytic applications on the C3 IoT Platform.

Driving Network Efficiency and Fraud Detection Efforts

In 2014, Baltimore Gas & Electric Company (BGE), a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, launched C3 IoT smart applications across all two million sensors and devices in its service territory. BGE is leveraging the C3 AMI Operations application to optimize the deployment and ongoing health of its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network and C3 Revenue Protection to identify and reduce unbilled energy usage.

C3 IoT Trial: Large Oil Producer Predicts Equipment Failure

One of the largest oil and gas producers in the United States – with more than 22,000 wells worldwide – launched a phase one deployment of C3 Predictive Maintenance in just 12 weeks, demonstrating the capability of software analytics to accurately forecast equipment failure and improve condition-based maintenance of their beam pumps.

Industry Testimonials

“ENGIE has implemented an ambitious plan to confront the major challenges posed by climate change and promote people’s access to reliable, innovative, socially responsible, low carbon, and decentralized energy. C3 IoT is an essential partner in ENGIE’s digital transformation, enabling ENGIE to support our mission to be at the vanguard of the IoT revolution”

— Isabelle Kocher, CEO, ENGIE

“ENGIE is using the C3 IoT Platform as one of the main planks in our digital transformation initiative… For us, being able to partner to benefit from talented teams from their organization that will come here to work on projects with us or us going over to the US to work with the rockstars of mobility, IoT, and big data, is essential for us. This is our agenda and we’re all very excited.”

— Yves Le Gelard, CIO and Chief Digital Officer, ENGIE

“C3 IoT plays an important role at the forefront of enabling some of the world’s largest enterprises, across all verticals, to realize the immediate business benefits of elastic cloud computing in ways that were unimaginable even a few years ago. C3’s work ensures their customers can focus their valuable resources on delivering innovative IoT solutions to their end users, instead of managing the heavy lifting of the underlying IT infrastructure platform needed to support it.”

— Mike Clayville, Vice President Worldwide Commercial Sales, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

“C3 IoT has assembled an unusually experienced and successful management, engineering, and data science team who have dedicated seven years to tackling the IoT market. With the exception of C3 IoT, I am unaware of any cloud-based IoT enterprise application development platform available in the market with proven scalability supporting tens of millions of devices.”

— Rick Sherlund, Chairman, Software Investment Banking, Barclays

“C3 IoT has demonstrated a unique ability to rapidly design, provision, and deploy scalable, elastic cloud enterprise big data analytics and machine learning capability into highly functional and beneficial enterprise applications.”

— Fabio Veronese, Head, Infrastructure and Technological Service at the Enel Group

“Building on the company’s proven experience creating the technology foundation essential to making the Internet of Energy a reality, C3 IoT’s expansion of this technology to industrial and commercial markets is an exciting development. From my personal perspective, their technology promises a powerful, affordable, and easy to use way to apply advanced data analytics and machine learning to identify, deliver, and sustain major improvements in operations, customer engagement, and economic savings.”

— Yoshihiko Kawamura, Corporate Officer & Executive Strategist, Information & Telecommunication Systems Group, Hitachi, Ltd.

“C3 IoT enables corporations to harness the power of elastic cloud computing, big data, analytics, and machine learning to extract insights from data and bring unusual value to the enterprise. It’s clear that the C3 IoT Platform will provide an important tool for IT organizations to rapidly harness the power of IoT.”

— Randy Krowtowski, CIO (Retired), Caterpillar

“It is clear that the power and capability of the C3 IoT platform is immediately applicable to address the requirements of even the largest scale cyber physical systems in commercial and government applications. C3 IoT is a technological tour de force.”

— S. Shankar Sastry, Dean, College of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

“C3 IoT has done an impressive job of developing a platform that enables utilities to address the opportunities of the Internet of Energy. This is an extraordinary accomplishment that many have dreamed, but few have realized. C3 IoT’s leadership portends the future of the Smart Grid.”

— Kevin Fitzgerald, Executive Vice President, PEPCO Holdings, Inc.

“C3 Energy was ahead of its time in recognizing the inevitable convergence of IoT with energy markets. The C3 IoT platform has changed the way energy producers think about the future of the smart grid infrastructure. The C3 platform appears well positioned to have a similar impact upon government, intelligence, and commercial markets.”

— Spencer Abraham, Former U.S. Secretary of Energy

“C3 IoT is assuming a leadership position at the vanguard of engineering in cloud computing, big data, analytics, and machine learning. Thanks to their groundbreaking work at the intersection of the most advanced scientific research and commercial big data machine learning systems, C3 IoT will set itself apart as a leader and a trend-setter in the exploding IoT market.”

— Andreas Cangellaris, Dean, College of Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

“C3 IoT has developed a platform and suite of application solutions that may well change the face of the European utility grid. As Europe embraces IoT through its Industry 4.0 initiatives, C3 IoT is well positioned to have similar impact.”

— Dr. Urban Keussen, Vice Chairman, TenneT

“C3 IoT’s rebranding is a clear signal that the company is building on its successes in the energy space and extending its advanced analytics platform and software applications to other industries. Not to mention, this aligns with European utilities’ ambitions to become IoT and smart city enablers.”

— Roberta Bigliani, Associate Vice President Head, Europe, Middle East & Africa, IDC Energy Insights

“We selected C3 Energy as a strategic technology partner because of its unified, cloud-scale technology, comprehensive vision of smart grid analytics, and deep understanding of the range of benefits that smart grid analytics can bring to BGE. We look forward to achieving operational efficiencies that will have a positive result for both BGE and our customers.”

— A. Christopher Burton, Vice President of Smart Grid and Technology at BGE

“C3 IoT is unique in the IoT market as it has developed a full-stack IoT platform that enables the design, development, provisioning, and operation of large-scale enterprise applications. C3 IoT is distinguished from the myriad of IoT market offerings that address a small subset of the solution requirement – for example, device connection, data persistence, or SQL-like access – by addressing the full problem with a comprehensive, cohesive, end-to-end IoT platform.”

— K.R. Sridhar, CEO, Bloom Energy

“C3 has amassed an unusually capable human capital team of systems engineers and world-class data scientists. They have developed an IoT platform with unique capabilities to unleash the full impact of machine learning at production enterprise scale.”

— Zico Kolter, PhD, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

“Solutions such as C3 IoT are necessary to enable decision makers, developers, and data scientists to realize the promise of smart, connected devices.”

— Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium

“The Internet of Energy is at the heart of China’s 13th Five Year Plan to reduce its carbon footprint and increase the safety, reliability, and cost of energy production and delivery. As a pioneer in the Internet of Energy, C3 IoT promises to play an important role in the restructuring of the world’s largest power grid.”

— Dr. Mu Lianshun, Chairman of DHC Big Data Company, Former Chairman of State Grid IT subsidiary, China Power Information Technology

“C3 IoT is a remarkable example of the cross-fertilization between the knowledge and enterprise sectors as it pioneers new technologies in the management of the domestic power grid.”

— Phil Scanlan, Founder, AALD

“The journey we are on is to transform the nature of engagement with our customers using significantly more data to create an interactive, digital-first customer experience.”

— Derek Lewellen, Manager, GridSMART, AEP-PSO

“For organizations to realize the full potential of big data as a strategic competitive advantage, they should invest in an enterprise-scale IoT platform that connects all business processes across their operations – from real-time field data, to the shop floor, to each enterprise silo, and across their entire supply network. In this way, organizations will be able to bridge across the silos that exist between product development and operations, accelerating time to market with differentiated products and services.”

— Kevin Prouty, Vice President, IDC Energy Insights

“C3 IoT’s energy applications have allowed BGE to use smart grid data more efficiently and effectively in order to optimize business processes and improve safety and reliability, while delivering clear business value. We look forward to building on this success.”

— Michael Butts, Director Business Transformation, BGE

“C3’s technology can enable a large and complex organization to harness the power of elastic cloud computing, big data, analytics and machine learning to extract insights from data and bring significant value to an enterprise. Their platform – initially deployed to the utility/energy sector – now is positioned to provide the same robust capabilities to a variety of industries going forward.”

— Ron Kim, Private Equity IT Expert/Senior Advisor, Former Utility Industry CIO