• Industry Recognition
  • Tom Siebel Acceptance Speech – 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Speaker 1:
On behalf of AKQA and EY, we're proud to present the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year award for the industrial technology category.

Speaker 2:
And the award recipient is Thomas Siebel.

Tom Siebel:

It's my great honor to accept this award on behalf of the exceptionally talented group of women and men with whom I have the opportunity to work every day. This is my fourth decade in the information technology industry, and my second time on stage, this stage, to accept this award. This is my fourth time at bat as an entrepreneur. I was involved with a start up company called Oracle Corporation, and turned out to be a pretty good idea. Then we founded a company called Gain Technology that we sold to Sybase in 1993 for whatever it was. Then in 1993, we founded a company called Siebel Systems, where we invented the market you know of as CRM, customer relationship management, and now with C3 IOT, we're going to see if we can get lucky.

And so, since joining a start up, Oracle Corporation as a start up in 1983, I have had the opportunity to see the transitions from mainframe computing to mini computing to personal computing, relational database technology, enterprise application software, CRM, the internet, the smartphone, all replacement markets for its predecessor and building what is today a multi-trillion dollar information technology industry globally.

As we accelerate into the 21st century, we're met by a new step function and disruptive technologies, including elastic cloud computing, big data, AI, and IOT. At the convergence of these vectors is a digital transformation that changes absolutely everything about the way organizations design, develop, manufacture, sell, service, manage, and process information technology. Looking forward, I thank you for the opportunity to work with many of you, to continue to drive change, accelerate innovation, create jobs, and hopefully to make the world a better place.

In closing, I want to thank my beautiful wife, Stacy, of 30 years ... who continues to support me at every turn and most importantly, kicks me out the door every morning, and tells me to get something done. Thank you very much.