• Industry Recognition
  • Thomas Siebel Receives 2016 Most Admired CEO Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Siebel:

Leadership is very much about establishing the tone of a corporate culture and a healthy corporate culture and I think that is perhaps the most important goal of leadership.

We're trying to build a great company, a great place to work, a company that's recognized, one that carries itself in the marketplace with excellence, that is characterized by excellence in execution, highest levels of business ethics, business integrity, one to build a brand, a quality brand, that is associated with very high-quality people, who are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, the goal is to establish and maintain our market leadership position globally in this market for IOT platform and application software. If we succeed at doing this, this will be a very, very important information technology company that will have very significant social, economic, and political impact at global scale.