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  • C3 IoT’s Full-Stack Application Development Platform

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The Internet of Things is here, and your business world is about to be loaded with sensors, sensors that create a new kind of data. What can you do with that? How can that data help your business?

It all comes down to the decisions that drive value. Yes or no. Should we or shouldn't we. You make these calls based on the information at hand, but today that's a lot of information. Data from all over your company, sensor data, sure, but also huge stores of existing data from other sources, and that's not all. External factors like weather, traffic, and commodity prices can hugely impact your outcomes. If you could find a way to harness and analyze all of those disparate data sources, something unbelievable would happen. Decisions would give way to predictions. You could crunch the numbers and foresee results and know the value of different decisions. Given enough insight, the right choices become obvious.

How do you pull that off? Right now most IoT solutions are thrown together out of various incomplete systems, most of which are only designed to store data and run a few basis rules, but if you could use a unified platform that simplified everything, you could build next generation machine-learning-based application using all of your data, and that's what the C3 IoT platform lets you do, rapidly develop and deploy enterprise applications that organize, analyze, learn, predict, and operationalize your data to create a single source of truth for your whole organization, so you can fix equipment before it breaks or spot when customers' equipment is about to fail so you can recommend upgrades or replacements, predict hold-ups in your supply and value chains, or preempt serious health problems based on sensor data.

All of these insights are delivered through next generation enterprise applications that let you operationalize them immediately based on what kind of value you can drive. C3 IoT merges data science and application development at petabyte scale, making tens of millions of predictions per day, and its machine learning core means that with each one of those predictions, it gets smarter faster and more accurate.

It's been tested and deployed in some of the most demanding IoT environments, and it's ready to help you see the future of your business. Stop guessing and start predicting. Drive value for your business that were impossible before. Sign up for a low-risk, low-cost production trial and get proven results in weeks with C3 IoT.