• Industry Recognition
  • 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Tom Siebel

Tom Siebel:
C3IOT is a computer software company and we're the world's leading provider of a platform as a service to allow organizations to build elastic cloud computing applications that incorporate big data, predictive analytics, AI, and IOT. I'm very frequently asked why on earth am I doing this. And this is what I do. This is what I enjoy. I was involved in the formation of Oracle. We built a very successful company in the form of Siebel Systems. I think this is fundamentally more important. This is a large global initiative. I think we're leading the market. I think we're setting the standards. And I think the social and economic benefits, results from what we're doing, will be substantial. Building companies, building world leading information technology companies is my idea of a good time. So this is what we're trying to do. I have over the years been pretty successful at surrounding myself with groups of people who are substantially better than I am at whatever their job is. Now in my case, that might be particularly easy. What makes it fun for me is the ability to engage with very bright people who are in fact domain experts in their space with education second to none, professional backgrounds second to none, and to be able to wrestle with them and grapple with them over very daunting technical marketing and market challenges.