Application Development

A suite of powerful application development and data science tools for building, deploying, and maintaining enterprise IoT applications on the C3 IoT Platform.

C3 Type DesignerTM

A graphical editor for data modelers to define a logical enterprise object model consisting of data objects, their properties and methods, object relationships, and mappings to the physical data model and data stores. It enables the extension and configuration of the C3 Type System.

C3 Type Designer


A C3 Type-aware integrated development environment providing software programmers a productive user interface, including a source code editor with intelligent code completion, a C3 Type browser and documentation, and source code compiler, debugger, and version control.


C3 Data ExplorerTM

A visual interface for application engineers and data scientists to easily view and analyze the C3 Type System and underlying data in the C3 IoT Platform or C3 Data LakeTM without requiring knowledge of the underlying data stores, physical data schema, or infrastructure services.

C3 Data Explorer

C3 Analytic DesignerTM

A user interface for application developers and data scientists to flexibly define, extend, and run simple and compound metrics and analytics. It is commonly used by data scientists for features engineering and by application developers for business logic and presenting summary information in a user interface

C3 Analytic Designer

C3 Ex MachinaTM

An in-memory visual analytics design tool for business analysts and data scientists to explore data, discover features, and develop artificial intelligence (AI) classifiers utilizing data from the C3 Data Lake or the C3 IoT Platform and any additional arbitrary data sets.

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C3 Ex Machina

C3 Data Science NotebookTM

An open and extensible interface, based on the Jupyter Notebook, that integrates popular data science languages (e.g., Python, R, Scala, and Nvidia DIGITS) and third-party libraries (e.g., MLlib, NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn, and pyc3).

C3 Data Science Notebook

C3 UI DesignerTM

A C3 Type-aware visual drag-and-drop interface to allow application developers to quickly develop configurable user interfaces. A complete set of pre-built user interface components are available including tables, charts, graphs, maps, lists, and forms.

C3 UI Designer

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