Enterprise Application
Platform for AI and IoT

A unified and cohesive product architecture, C3 IoT’s enterprise platform and suite of proven cross-industry machine learning software applications deliver end-to-end solutions across the value chain.

Homes, Cities & Buildings
Transmission & distribution
Power Generation
Oil & Gas
  • C3 IoT Platform™

    Platform as a Service

    Enterprise IoT Platform and Machine Learning Software

    A cloud-based, flexible, machine learning software platform for deploying industrial-scale IoT applications. The C3 IoT platform allows analysts and developers to rapidly deploy custom apps, integrate with existing ones, connect data streams, and manage it all from anywhere.

    Enterprise IoT Platform and Machine Learning Software
  • C3 IoT Applications™

    Cross-Industry Software Solutions

    Built on the C3 IoT platform, C3 IoT applications aggregate volumes of disparate data from enterprise systems and external sources; apply advanced machine-learning algorithms for rigorous, predictive, and continuous analysis; and present actionable insights that address mission-critical business imperatives.

    C3 CRM
    C3 Predictive Maintenance
    C3 Inventory Optimization
    C3 Energy Management
    C3 Fraud Detection
    C3 Supply Network
    C3 Sensor Health
  • C3 Enterprise Data Lake™

    Distributed Data Store

    Enterprise IoT Platform and Machine Learning Software

    A data repository that unifies disparate data from across the extraprise into a scalable, distributed, encrypted, cloud infrastructure. C3 Data Lake includes different data stores that are appropriate for various types of data, including relational for structured data and key value for time series data.

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    Enterprise IoT Platform and Machine Learning Software
  • C3 Ex Machina™

    Advanced Analytics Designer

    Enterprise IoT Platform and Machine Learning Software

    C3 Ex Machina empowers developers, data scientists,and business analysts to visually create analytics and machine learning models – quickly, and without writing any code – to analyze entire data stores and extract actionable, real-time business insights.

    Enterprise IoT Platform and Machine Learning Software
Enterprise IoT Platform and Machine Learning Software
Proven Results in Weeks, Not Years

Complete a low-cost, low-risk production trial of the C3 IoT Platform in just 4-16 weeks. Validate the economic value and other benefits to your organization before expanding into full production use.

In the News

Feb 15, 2018

Thomas M. Siebel Receives Honorary Ph.D. from Politecnico di Torino

C3 IoT - Tom Siebel Politecnico Torino

Redwood City, Calif. – February 20, 2018 – C3 IoT CEO Thomas M. Siebel received an honorary Ph.D. from Politecnico di Torino, one of Europe’s most esteemed educational institutions with a 150-year history in theoretical and applied research in architecture and engineering. The academic honor recognizes Siebel’s worldwide leadership in computer engineering, impact on the…

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Feb 13, 2018

Tom Siebel:
The Forbes Interview

C3 IoT - Forbes Interview Microphone

The Forbes Interview with Steve Bertoni: Tom Siebel Tech Titan Talks Internet of Things and Elephant Attack Forbes editor Steven Bertoni sat down with Silicon Valley legend Tom Siebel for a wide-ranging discussion about the disruptive impact of AI and IoT for “The Forbes Interview” podcast. In an episode called “Tom Siebel Tech Titan Talks…

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Jan 31, 2018

Industries Need AI to Survive:
Tom Siebel on CNBC


C3 IoT CEO Tom Siebel was featured on today’s CNBC Squawk Alley in a segment called “Thomas Siebel: Healthcare Will Unquestionably Be Largest Market for AI,” hosted by renowned Silicon Valley pundit Jon Fortt with co-anchors Carl Quintanilla and Courtney Reagan, live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Siebel explained the surge…

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