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Industry Solutions from C3 AI on Google Cloud

Google Cloud and C3 AI have partnered to accelerate industry solutions that address real-world challenges in manufacturing, financial services, supply chain & logistics, healthcare, telecom, and more. Both companies will co-market and co-sell the complete suite of C3 AI’s enterprise AI applications, running on Google Cloud, and will integrate C3 AI and Google Cloud capabilities in AI and machine learning (ML) across multiple products. The entire portfolio of C3 AI’s enterprise AI applications, including industry-specific AI applications, C3 AI® Suite, C3 AI CRM, and C3 AI Ex Machina, are currently available on Google Cloud’s global, secure, and low-latency infrastructure, enabling customers to run C3 AI on the industry’s cleanest cloud.

Tom Siebel (CEO, C3 AI) and Thomas Kurian (CEO, Google Cloud) describe how their companies’ alliance will help drive digital transformation.



Unified Offerings

  • Comprehensive suite of enterprise AI applications purpose-built to address priority issues within each industry
  • Winning combination of C3 AI’s enterprise AI strengths with Google Cloud’s leading AI tools, frameworks, industry solutions, and services
  • C3 AI applications will leverage the strengths of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), BigQuery, Vertex AI, and other Google Cloud solutions and services


Proven at Scale

  • 819 unique enterprise and extraprise source data integrations feed C3 AI’s suite of enterprise AI applications
  • 4.8 million AI models provide powerful predictions in C3 AI’s applications
  • Industry solutions are being used to transform organizations such as ENGIE, Koch Industries, Renault, Shell, Target, and Unilever

Value Realized

Value Realized in Weeks, Not Years

  • Enterprise AI applications, industry-specific data engines, and use case relevant AI models can be rapidly configured and applied to any enterprise within 1-2 quarters
  • C3 AI’s model-driven architecture accelerates data unification, AI/ML model development, adoption, and deployment
  • Enterprise-grade containerized applications can be built faster with best-in-class managed Kubernetes and serverless platform on cloud and on-premises environments


Complete Solution

  • A comprehensive suite of enterprise AI applications to solve for Supply Network Risk, Asset and System Reliability, Yield Optimization, AI-Based Customer Intelligence, Cash Management, and others
  • Proven at scale in Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, and Telecom industry verticals
  • Metadata-driven low-code/no-code environment for easily extending and adapting AI applications

C3 AI Named Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year

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Enterprise AI applications to solve industry-specific challenges.


With experienced leaders at the helm and top-level commitment, both vendors have put a clear emphasis on integrating services across their cloud offerings, making procurement simpler and faster”

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—Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

C3 AI Applications on Google Cloud

C3 AI applications on Google Cloud use AI at scale to provide actionable insights for business-critical challenges. These Enterprise AI applications include:

Azure BHC3 Reliability

C3 AI Reliability on Google Cloud

Monitor health and predict failure of systems, subsystems, assets and components using advanced machine learning algorithms. C3 AI Reliability helps maintenance engineers, planners, and operators reduce unplanned downtime, increase asset availability, and improve safety.

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C3 AI Supply Network Risk

C3 AI Supply Network Risk and Inventory on Google Cloud

Optimize inventory levels while mitigating risks and improving supply chain resiliency. C3 AI Supply Network Risk and Inventory works with Google Supply Chain Twin to model real-world uncertainties and provide actionable recommendations that reduce inventory holdings and free up working capital.

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Azure BHC3 Predictive Asset Maintenance

C3 AI CRM on Google Cloud

Boost performance of sales, marketing, and service operations with the power of predictive analytics. Grow pipeline, accelerate revenues, and increase customer lifetime value with AI-based capabilities for precision revenue forecasting, opportunity management, customer churn prevention, next best offer predictions, and other high value use cases.

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Azure BHC3 Sensor Health™

C3 AI Energy Management on Google Cloud

Use machine learning to gain visibility into energy expenditures and prioritize actions to reduce operational costs. The application leverages advanced AI and optimization algorithms to model operations, detect anomalies, predict energy savings opportunities and help operations managers take action in near real time.

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C3 AI Readiness

C3 AI Readiness on Google Cloud

Maximize asset availability with Enterprise AI. C3 AI Readiness unifies data from sensors, maintenance systems, and external sources, and generates AI-optimized maintenance schedules and part demand forecasts to reduce scheduled and unscheduled asset downtime.

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C3 AI Cash Management

C3 AI Cash Management on Google Cloud

Prevent attrition of cash management customers. C3 AI Cash Management leverages the capabilities of Google Cloud’s Cash Flow Financing Data Platform and identifies early warning signals of abnormal balance behavior, enabling a bank’s Treasury teams and Relationship Managers to grow managed balances, and optimize rate and pricing offers.

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C3 AI Smart Lending

C3 AI Smart Lending on Google Cloud

Use AI for credit origination, approvals, and credit risk monitoring. Google Cloud’s financial services solutions such as Lending DocAI and Loan Analytics along with C3 AI Smart Lending provide AI insights that enable relationship managers, analysts, and credit teams in accelerating underwriting while detecting and remediating portfolio credit risks.

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C3 AI Ex Machina on Google Cloud

C3 AI Ex Machina on Google Cloud

Enable Citizen Data Scientists to develop, scale, and act upon AI insights without writing code. C3 AI Ex Machina enables data analysts to access data quickly and easily, develop and deploy high-performing auto-generated AI models, and activate models in robust business applications.

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The partnership with Google Cloud comprises the right elements of a growth-accelerating deal, and Verdantix expects that it will help C3 AI penetrate deeper the industrial multi-billion dollar APM software market.”

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—Victor Voulgaropoulos, Senior Analyst at Verdantix

Solution Architecture

Proven results in weeks, not years

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Scale and deploy a tested C3 AI application into production. Incorporate user feedback and optimize algorithms to drive maximum economic value.

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