Thomas M. Siebel

“The Digital Transformation Institute is a consortium of leading scientists, researchers, innovators, and executives from academia and industry, joining forces to accelerate the social and economic benefits of digital transformation. We have the opportunity through public-private partnership to change the course of a global pandemic. I cannot imagine a more important use of AI.”

Thomas M. Siebel, Chairman and CEO, C3 AI

Condoleezza Rice

“We are collecting a massive amount of data about MERS, SARS, and now COVID-19. We have a unique opportunity before us to apply the new sciences of AI and digital transformation to learn from these data how we can better manage these phenomena and avert the worst outcomes for humanity. I can think of no work more important and no response more cogent and timely than this important public-private partnership.”

Condoleezza Rice, Former US Secretary of State

Eric Horvitz

“We’re excited about the Digital Transformation Institute and are happy to join on a shared mission to accelerate research at these eminent research institutions. As we launch this exciting private-public partnership, we’re enthusiastic about aiming the broader goals of the Institute at urgent challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as on longer-term research that could help to minimize future pandemics.”

Eric Horvitz, Chief Scientific Officer, Microsoft


Carol Christ

“At UC Berkeley, we are thrilled to help co-lead this important endeavor to establish and advance the science of digital transformation at the nexus of machine learning, IoT, and cloud computing. We believe this Institute has the potential to make tremendous contributions by including ethics, new business models, and public policy to the technologies for transforming societal scale systems globally.”

Carol Christ, Chancellor, UC Berkeley


Robert J. Jones

“The Digital Transformation Institute, with its vision of cross-institutional and multi-disciplinary collaboration, represents an exciting model to help accelerate innovation in this important new field of study. At this time of a global health crisis, the Institute’s initial research focus will be on applying AI to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic and to learn from it how to protect the world from future pandemics. DTI is an important addition to the world’s fight against this disease and a powerful new resource in developing solutions to all societal challenges.”

Robert J. Jones, Chancellor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Chris Eisgruber

“Together with the other Digital Transformation Institute partners, we look forward to creating a powerful ecosystem of scholars and educators committed to applying 21st century technologies to the benefit of all. This public-private partnership with innovators like and Microsoft, providing support to world-class researchers across a range of disciplines, promises to bring rapid innovation to an exciting new frontier.”

Chris Eisgruber, President, Princeton University

Princeton University

Robert Zimmer

“By strongly supporting multidisciplinary research and multi-institution projects, the DTI represents a new avenue to develop breakthrough scientific results with a positive impact on society at a time of great need. I’m very pleased that the University of Chicago is part of this formidable collaboration between academia and industry to lead crucial innovation with great purpose and urgency.”

Robert Zimmer, President, University of Chicago

University of Chicago

Farnam Jahanian

“The vision of DTI is driven by the recognition of digital transformation as both a science as well as a scientific imperative for this pivotal time, applicable to every sector of our economy across the public and private sectors, including in healthcare, education, and public health. We are excited to participate in building out the Institute’s structure, program and further alliances. This is just the beginning of an ambitious journey that can have enormous positive impact on the world.”

Farnam Jahanian, President, Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

Rafael Reif

“At MIT, we share the commitment of DTI to advancing the frontiers of AI, cybersecurity and related fields while building into every inquiry a deep concern for ethics, privacy, equity and the public interest. At this moment of national emergency, we are proud to be part of this intensive effort to apply these sophisticated tools to better analyze the COVID-19 epidemic and devise effective ways to stop it. We look forward to accelerating this work both by collaborating with the companies and institutions in the initiative, and by drawing on the frontline experience and clinical data of our colleagues in Boston’s world-class hospitals.”

Rafael Reif, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Jim Snabe

“This is about global innovation based on multinational collaboration to accelerate the positive impact of AI by providing researchers access to real world data and to massive resources. This is exactly the kind of multinational public-private partnership that is required to address this critical issue.”

Jim Snabe, Chairman, Siemens


Lorenzo Simonelli

“I could not be more proud of our association with and Microsoft. This is exactly the kind of leadership that is required to bring together the best of us to address this critical need.”

Lorenzo Simonelli, CEO, Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes

Gwenaelle Avice-Huet

“In these difficult times, we need – now more than ever – to join our forces with scholars, innovators, and industry experts to propose solutions to complex problems. I am convinced that digital, data science and AI are a key answer. The Digital Transformation Institute is a perfect example of what we can do together to make the world better.”

Gwenaëlle Avice-Huet, Executive Vice President, ENGIE


Jacques Attali

“We are at war and we must win it! Using all means. This great project will organize global scientific collaboration for accelerating the social impact of AI, and help to win this war, using new weapons, for the best of mankind.”

Jacques Attali, French Statesman