There is nothing like lunch time at It is a special time of day when teams can mingle‚ collaborate‚ and enjoy one other’s company. I am fascinated by how lunch conversations often evolve into what books people are reading‚ courses they are taking‚ or experiential learning activities they are pursuing. I’ve heard employees talk about everything from New York Times bestsellers to re-reads of the classics. has a unique culture of learning grounded in the pursuit of all knowledge that spans all the way from data science to political science. Indeed‚ we attract the intellectually curious and those hungry to learn.

In this new era of operational and organizational digital transformation‚ self-learning has never been more important. Technological changes are advancing at a rapid pace and with extraordinary complexity. Innovative developments in elastic cloud computing‚ artificial intelligence‚ advanced programming tools‚ IoT‚ and machine learning are helping us solve challenges that were previously unsolvable. To remain relevant in this new era‚ we believe each employee must adopt a ‘growth-mindset’ and build new skills. While some firms encourage their employees to learn‚ leadership truly feeds our people’s hunger for learning. We acknowledge and even reward those who achieve new expertise.

A Culture of Learning

At‚ we do not just encourage our people to learn – learning is part of the job. To enable our customers’ success‚ we diligently work to acquire new skills in order to unleash significant innovation. This quarter‚ is launching a complete portfolio of free online courses so all our employees can build and deepen their expertise. These on-demand courses are taught by leading subject-matter experts and range from business communication to artificial intelligence. The courses provide all employees an opportunity to pursue greater professional proficiency and embark on new skill pursuits.

In addition to these online courses‚ offers weekly lunch-and-learns‚ work rotations‚ and mentorship activities that facilitate our employees’ career success. Recent lunch-and-learn topics have included ‘Best Coding Practices‚’ ‘Inventory Optimization‚’ and ‘Data Integration High Level Architecture.’ We proudly promote our culture of learning starting in the employee’s first week‚ during which we set aside time for our people to complete the C3 AI Platform Fundamentals training. This training involves making and deploying a simple lightbulb maintenance application using the revolutionary C3 Type System. I’m always impressed observing our new hires as they progress through the week and ultimately build the lightbulb application.

The Self Learning Hall of Fame

Learning is celebrated at We recently installed a“Self Learning Hall of Fame” to recognize the employees who take initiative to complete particular courses. This ‘culture of learning’ permeates the organization. People in every department take classes‚ and we encourage everyone to build their data science and application development knowledge. Even our front desk coordinator completed a Python coding class and was recognized by our CEO for her achievement during a company all-hands meeting!

As you reflect upon the exciting developments in this digital era‚ understand that self-learning is more important now than ever. New opportunities will be created for those who seek professional development and embrace this exciting transformation. Occasions for discovery abound‚ so go learn and share your new expertise. After all‚ lunch time arrives every day.

Andrew Dorsey is the Director of Talent Acquisition at He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Summa Cum Laude)‚ a Master of Public Administration‚ and a Master of Human Resources degree from the University of South Carolina. He has visited over 70 countries‚ enjoys hikes around his new California home‚ follows politics‚ watches college football (Go Gamecocks!)‚ and brews a great cup of coffee.