Petabyte powerful.
Drag-and-drop simple.

Visually create analytics and machine learning models. Put incredibly fast data processing together with intuitive data exploration and machine learning tools, all in one workspace. Analyze, explore, and derive business insights quickly; all without writing a single line of code. It’s petabyte powerful and drag-and-drop simple. It’s C3 Ex Machina.

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All the Data. Easy Exploration. Accurate Predictions.

Fuse together and visually explore data across multiple datasets to build smart customer segments, predict asset failure, and understand your future business needs. Apply the most advanced predictive algorithms to deliver the next level of business insights in minutes.

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    Integrate & Organize

    Get the data you need, without a computer science degree.

    • Integrate any and all disparate data, from enterprise systems, external sources, and real-time data feeds
    • Leverage existing data sources available from the C3 IoT Platform
    • Conveniently import information in CSV
    • Accelerate data preparation with built in data quality and blending tools
    • Access and use the entire data set, in memory
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    Check and visualize your results every step along the way.

    Explore your data using several different visual techniques to:

    • Mark interesting moments in time
    • Filter out distractions and see patterns emerge
    • Choose the most effective visual representation
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      Time Series

      Visualize time-series results

      Define start date, end date and interval to visualize analytic results for any timeframe and interval you choose.

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      View data in histogram form

      Select a table column to view in histogram form. Configure to group numerical results by number of bins or bin width, or group results by value.

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      Generate line, column, area, and scatter charts to visual machine-learning analytics against raw data. Overlay and compare measures visually, all in one place.

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      Scatter Plots

      Visualize in dimensions

      Create multi-dimensional plots to view variations and relationships between data.

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    Learn and predict

    Predictive analytics that learn from your data.

    • Access the latest machine learning algorithms (KMeans, Linear Regression, PCA, Decision Trees, Random Forrest, Gradient Boosted Trees).
    • Use intuitive drag and drop features, with no code, to run any number of metrics and statistical functions.
    • Iterate quickly to add more data, consider new variables, or tune your model
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    Fast, actionable results. And now, fully transparent.

    • You built it, now review every step and build trust in your results
    • Share processes and outputs across teams with one click
    • Run everyday reports, or generate next-level business intelligence

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