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Driving Network Efficiency and Fraud Detection Efforts


In 2014, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE), a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation, launched C3 IoT applications across all two million sensors and devices in its service territory. BGE is leveraging C3 AMI Operations™ to optimize the deployment and ongoing health of its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network and C3 Revenue Protection™ to identify and reduce unbilled energy usage. BGE expects these applications to deliver an annual economic benefit of $20 million to BGE and its customers.

C3 IoT delivered the solutions on schedule, in six months from project kick-off to launch. Deployment involved developing 42 integrations to 12 source systems. C3 IoT loaded two years of historical BGE data in a 10 terabyte federated cloud image and configured more than 140 complex analytics and predictive algorithms to match BGE’s requirements and available data. Since deployment, the solutions have met or exceeded all business performance targets. In the first six months, C3 Revenue Protection identified non-technical loss cases generating $2.8 million in economic benefit from verified fraud cases. During the same timeframe, C3 AMI Operations identified sensor health issues with a 99% accuracy rate.

“We are already experiencing the enormous business value we can get from the data we collect.”

— Michael Butts Director of Smart Grid, BGE

Project Highlights

2 million

smart meters/devices

3 C3 Energy Smart Grid Applications

C3 AMI Operations™

C3 Revenue Protection™

C3 Energy Intelligence™

$20 million

per year estimated economic benefit to BGE and its customers

28 weeks

from project kickoff to launch

12 weeks

to complete planning, integration, and configuration; remainder allocated to testing

Data Requirements


unique source systems provide data to C3 IoT


distinct extracts, both as daily batch files and message integrations

10 TB

federated cloud image of data

35 billion

rows of data aggregated, federated, and analyzed

8 GB / 220 milion

rows of new data delivered each day to the C3 IoT platform


complex analytics in use across applications


rules contribute to the complex analytics results reported to the end user